We proactively support the idea of development and innovation in science education. Since 2009 we have been implementing a successful project dealing with development of teaching aids and teaching methods for education in chemistry and natural sciences for nursery, elementary and secondary schools. You can order all teaching aids here.You can order all the teaching aids here.

Portable laboratory

Our portable “chemistry cabinet” in a plastic box contains instructions, chemicals and aids for performing forty chemistry experiments at the upper elementary school and secondary school level. The portable laboratory covers most fields within the national chemistry curriculum at elementary and secondary schools.

Experimental kit for nursery and elementary schools (Secret of Nature /Tajemství přírody)

The box contains instructions and everything necessary to perform one hundred science experiments designed for kids of preschool and school age. You can use it in science lessons, as well as for afterschool activities.

My experiments set (Secret of Nature /Tajemství přírody)

A bucket with safe laboratory aids for curious young scientists. It is designed to be used in combination with the Experimental kit for nursery and elementary schools to perform forty science experiments.

Reading literacy

Set of 28 tasks for developing reading literacy in teaching chemistry in line with the national curriculum for elementary and secondary schools. The method instructions include a guide for how to work with the tasks.

Assigned tasks
Assigned tasks + solution

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