In 2016 a subsidy was approved for LACH-NER s.r.o. to support the project:

Project name: Technology of oxidative photocyclization leading to [n]phenacenes

Registration Number: CZ.01.1.02/0.0/0.0/15_019/0004669

The project is funded from the Operating Programme Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness, sub-programme APPLICATION, and it focuses on development of an apparatus for a photocyclization reaction leading to various derivatives of carbo- and hetero[n]phenacenes. The apparatus will be designed as continuous to ensure sufficient capacity for subsequent large-scale production. The project will also include efforts associated with optimization of reaction conditions for synthesis of the precursors.

The significant lowering of production prices will make it possible to use the molecules in applications such as molecular functional layers (OFET, OLED, DSSC, OPV) and special semiconducting polymers. Today, the company Lach-Ner is the only one in the world to offer their isomeric forms - helicenes. By widening the product portfolio of these highly specialized molecules, the competitive advantage of the company will redouble, which may result in higher visibility and an improved position of the company on the global market.